High-Quality Bitcoin Miners and Hosting in the USA.

Boost Your Bitcoin Mining: Get top-notch Bitcoin miners from Discover the Antminer S19XP and Whatsminer M50S; industry-leading models known for their superior performance and energy efficiency. Distributed and hosted in the USA for maximum reliability and world-class bitcoin mining.

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Mine Bitcoin in 4 Easy Steps


Consider your total budget over time balancing out up-front costs and long-term efficiency.


Your miners will be installed (2-4 weeks). Fill out your account information and bitcoin payout address.


Your electric bill will be charged every month based on consumption. Automated billing or annual deposit discounts available!


Your bitcoin ASIC miner is ready to hash on the bitcoin network and pay you for your share of the work!

No Nonsense Mining takes care of everything so you can save time and money mining Bitcoin

Made in America

Our team members are born, raised and living in North America. This is our home and reputation.

Easy Maintenance

Simple maintenance managed in house and complex maintenance is all done in North America.

Efficient Mining

Mining from home does not work anymore. As bitcoin has professionalized, the infrastructure has too. We got your back!


Bitcoin Miner Sales is leading the industry with innovation in power generation, acquisition and management while unlocking greater efficiency and reliability with American bitcoin infrastructure. We want to create greater wealth, inclusion and opportunity for American bitcoiners every day!

We are dedicated to bitcoin infrastructure, decentralization and professionalization. With hashing sites across North America (mostly in the USA,) we are focused on keeping the US at the forefront of innovation in both the fintech and energy industries where bitcoin resides.

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S19K Pro | 120 TH/s

Brand new fully-managed S19K Pro 120TH miner powered by renewables.

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M60 | 170 TH/s

Brand new fully-managed S19XP 141TH miner powered by renewables.

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Martin Gallagher

As a newcomer to Bitcoin mining, I had a lot of questions. Bitcoin Miner Sales not only provided me with a top-quality miner but also guided me throughout the setup process. Their professionalism and support are unmatched.


Purchasing a miner is just the first step. Ensuring its optimal performance is the challenge. With Bitcoin Miner Sales, both my purchase and the hosting experience have been seamless and efficient. Kudos to the team!

Ethan Rosenberg

I’ve been mining Bitcoin for years and have worked with various suppliers. Bitcoin Miner Sales truly stands out, not just for their exceptional miners, but also their attentive customer service. Their hosting option has also been a game-changer for me.

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