Bitmain Antminer S5


Antminer S5 is a popular option for many looking for SHA-256 algorithm crypto hardware mining equipment. It has been around for quite some time since its release in 2014 and has been outshined by the latest models.

Depending on the cost of power and Bitcoin price, the Bitcoin mining hardware or equipment has a profit ratio of -85 percent and an annual return percentage of -132 percent.

At an efficiency of 0.511j/Gh and given the hash rate, it is not effective any longer for mining BTC as it records profitability of $-1.04 per day. It is only possible to profit from it when the BTC price is very high and power costs very low. Given low to no profitability, it is best only for experimenting with hardware, firmware, and software tweaks.

At 1.155Th/s, there isn’t much to expect from this device although the power consumption is low at 590 W. Plus the fact that you can buy the cryptocurrency mining hardware for just $190-299 for a used and $413 for a new one. It makes it most suitable for beginner miners than mining plants.


  • The 120 nm fan produces more noise than even an industrial vacuum.
  • Size is 137 x 155 x 298mm.
  • Features 1 cooling fan, 12 V power inputs, and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Lightweight plastic materials make it weigh just 2,500g.