Ebang EBIT E11++


The Ebang Ebit E11++ also mines SHA-256 cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, despite having a low hash rate of 44Th/s. It uses two hashing boards, with one powered by 2PSUs to prevent damage on it. At an efficiency of 0.045j/Gh, you expect the equipment to generate a daily returns average of $4 while monthly returns are $133.

Its profitability is around $2.22/day when mining Bitcoin, although that depends on crypto price and cost of electricity. With the equipment, you can also mine eMbark (DEM), Terracoin (TRC), Bitcoin SV (BSV).


  • The independent heat sink makes it of excellent heat dissipation because it uses the latest bonding technology.
  • Board employs the latest 10mn chip technology.
  • Sold with a fault protection kit to be connected to the breakout boards.
  • The power supply uses an X-adapter revision X6B and a 2Lite-on 1100WPSU.
  • Features Ethernet connectivity, 2 fans for cooling, and the power range are 11.8V to 13.0V.