WhatsMiner M30S++


The MicroBT Whatsminer M30 S++, as it is called, is the latest from the company and one of the fastest cryptocurrency mining hardware, given its hash rating.

Released in October 2020, the device mines SHA-256 Algorithm cryptocurrencies and hence is used to mine mainly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin BSV, given the high price for these coins, their hash rate, and profitability.

Given that it is a high power consumption device, it may not be very recommendable for new miners. It is best used for mining where electricity supply is affordable because then, you can get an average daily profit between $7 and $12 if the power cost is $0.01 after deducting power costs. It has a mining efficiency of 0.31j/Gh.


  • It draws 12V of power.
  • Connects via Ethernet cable.
  • Size is 125 x 225 x 425mm.
  • Equipped with 2 cooling fans.